The Miami Cannabiz Group is well-positioned to assist companies in this new industry to get up and running with state of the art marketing materials.

“Cannabis businesses are limited in their ability to advertise through standard mainstream channels.” –

You already know that, whether you’re a grower, lab, dispensary or law firm. So here’s an alternative. Give your customers a branded “Cannabis Trivia, Facts, History and Etiquette” as a simple, cost-effective, turnkey option.

With your company name imprinted on the cover, we can customize the inside with a message from you, whether it be product or service-focused. You can give it away, or make it a gift with purchase. It’s fun, informative, and has a longer shelf life than print advertising or internet marketing. Think of it as a promotional item, but more engaging than a mug or a T-shirt.

It’s also exclusive, with sales limited to one within a specific market area. So, for example, if ABC company grabs the opportunity first, XYZ is flat out of luck. *

The price? $420.00 + shipping. That includes a set of 100 brochures imprinted with your supplied company name/logo and contact information. Additional quantities are available, price upon request. Turn-around time from order to shipping is approximately 15 business days.

* Remember, only one per specific market area. Call or email today.

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